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SPL has established itself as a premier developer and manufacturer of analog and digital audio equipment for over 35 years. Renowned in the music, film, multimedia, and broadcasting industries, SPL products are synonymous with innovation, user-friendliness, and exceptional performance.

One of SPL’s most notable achievements is the patented Vitalizer® sound-optimization processing, which has revolutionized audio enhancement. Additionally, their groundbreaking Transient Designer stands as the first-ever level-independent dynamic processor, setting a new standard in audio processing technology. The Atmos, a remarkable 5.1 microphone system, showcases SPL’s commitment to creating cutting-edge solutions for immersive sound experiences. Complementing these achievements, SPL has also developed compact monitor controllers and channel strips that have garnered widespread acclaim.

SPL’s contribution to analog signal processing cannot be understated, thanks to the development of the SUPRA op amps. By utilizing the unrivaled 120 Volt Technology, SPL pushed the boundaries of analog signal processing, surpassing the quality offered by even the most advanced digital processing methods. The MMC mastering console was the first platform to incorporate these op amps, establishing the 120V technology as a defining hallmark of SPL products. This breakthrough laid the groundwork for the entire range of SPL Mastering devices, as well as various offerings in the SPL Studio line. Notably, the Crescendo, a 120V microphone preamplifier, exemplifies the exceptional quality achieved through this technology. Furthermore, SPL’s VOLTAiR technology has gained widespread popularity within the SPL Hi-Fi series “Professional Fidelity.”

SPL’s impact on the audio interface market was monumental with the introduction of the Crimson, Madicon, and Madison interfaces, offering unparalleled connectivity options. Collaborating with the esteemed German company Brainworx, SPL successfully brought their Analog Code® plug-ins to the digital realm, ensuring that the same level of quality expected from SPL products was faithfully replicated in the digital domain. This collaboration led to SPL’s membership in the esteemed Plugin Alliance, solidifying their position as a leading force in audio processing.

In summary, SPL’s legacy in the audio industry is one of continuous innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver exceptional audio gear. With a strong focus on user-friendliness and outstanding performance, SPL has garnered worldwide respect and remains at the forefront of audio equipment development.

Sound Performance – Made in Germany




    16+16 Channel AD/DA Converter and MADI Interface



    Mastering-Grade DA Converter

    Headphone Amplifiers

    Phonitor 3 DAC

    Headphone Amplifier, Monitor Controller and DAC with 120V Technology

    Phonitor 2

    Headphone Amplifier and Monitor Controller with 120V Technology

    Phonitor One d

    Audiophile headphone amplifier with Phonitor Matrix and 32-bit DA-converter

    Stereo Monitor Controller

    Volume 2

    Stereo Volume Controller

    MTC Mk2

    Monitor & Talkback Controller


    Monitor Controller w/ Headphone Crossfeed

    Control One

    Monitor Controller

    Multichannel Monitor Controller

    Volume 8

    8 Channel Volume Controller


    5.1 Surround Monitor Controller

    SMC 7.1

    7.1 Surround Monitor Controller

    Expansion Rack

    SMC 7.1 rack-mount with 4-way speaker pair selection


    16 Channel Mastering Monitor Contoller for Immersive Audio

    Channel Strips


    The Flagship Channel Strip w/ hybrid Mic & Instrument Tube Preamps, De-Esser, Compressor, EQ with Tube Saturation and optional ADC

    Channel One

    Channel Strip w/ hybrid Mic & Instrument Tube Preamps, De-Esser, Compressor, EQ and optional ADC

    Track One

    Channel Strip w/ Mic & Instrument Preamps, De-Esser, Compressor, EQ and optional ADC



    Dual Channel Variable-Mu Mastering Compressor


    Dual Channel 5-Band Parametric Mastering Equalizer


    Dual Channel Passive 6-Band Mastering Equalizer

    Microphone Preamplifiers

    Crescendo 8

    8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier in 120V Technology

    Crescendo duo v2

    2 Channel Microphone Preamplifier in 120V Technology

    GainStation 1

    Single Channel Mic & Instrument Preamplifier with Class A & Tube Gain Stages and optional ADC

    GoldMike Mk2

    2 Channel Tube Mic and Instrument Preamplifier w/ optional ADC


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