Royer Labs is dedicated to the art of the ribbon microphone

In 1998, they introduced the R-121, the modern ribbon microphone that reintroduced ribbon microphones to engineers worldwide and put ribbons on the map. Shortly after the R-121, they released the SF-12 stereo ribbon microphone, followed by the R-122, the world’s first phantom powered ribbon microphone. Then came the TEC Award winning R-122V tube ribbon microphone and the TEC Award winning Live Series ribbon microphones for live use. In 2013, Royer received the coveted Technical Grammy Award for bringing ribbon microphones into mainstream recording around the world.

The microphone is the original ear in the recording process, the first and most influential part of the recording chain. Royer ribbon microphones simply help you capture the most natural sounding recordings possible.

Every Royer is hand-made in the USA by craftsmen who are fanatical about building the best ribbon microphones in the world.

Grammy Award Winning Ribbon Microphones

Royer Labs have been awarded a Technical Grammy award for their ribbon microphones and the impact they have on the recording process. The award is presented to individuals and companies who have made contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field.

The Recording Academy poured praise on the company at the awards ceremony, saying Royer’s microphones bring “a more realistic, analog sound and feel to digital recordings.”

Talking about the company’s history, Royer’s President, Rick Perotta said “Royer Labs was formed with the goal of bringing ribbon microphones back to mainstream recording by way of David [Royer]’s unique, modern-ribbon microphone designs. This award brings us full circle and validates all the work that it took to get us to this point.”

Royer Labs R-10
Dynamic Ribbon Microphone with Figure-8 Polar Pattern



The R-10 is Royer’s most affordable ribbon microphone yet, derived from the well-proven R-101 and sharing all of that model’s core technology but in a smaller, simpler package. It is extremely robust, with a massive headroom that makes it ideal for use on loud sources like guitar amps, brass and drums, as well as vocals and other sources.

  • Attractive, compact, and robust ribbon microphone.

  • Capable of handling extremely high SPLs.

  • Intended for close-miking applications, with a well-controlled proximity effect.

  • Wonderfully smooth and natural-sounding high end and transients.

  • Multilayer windscreen provides effective protection for the ribbon element

  • Ribbon element impervious to heat and humidity

  • Internally shockmounted ribbon transducer for increased durability

  • Flat frequency response with no high-frequency peaks, ringing, or phase shifts

  • Impressively cost-effective.

Royer Labs R-121 Studio
Dynamic Ribbon Microphone with Figure-8 Polar Pattern

In 2014, Royer Labs not only celebrated its 15th anniversary, but was awarded a 2013 Technical Grammy for its contribution to the recording industry, for designing a piece of gear that perfectly complemented the modern digital method. Some 15 years after the R-121’s invention, Royer’s instinct has held true. Digital recording with converters makes the distortion artefacts and crispy highs, typically dulled a little by the tape recording medium, will sit right in front of your face. You will hear harshness from microphones that are uncomfortable, whereas ribbons recorded to digital systems beautifully. With Royer Labs, a lot of sound engineers said they felt like they were working in an analogue world again.

The Royer R-121 is a passive ribbon microphone with an innovative offset ribbon placement that gives the two sides of the microphone distinct features and sound.

The ribbon element is made of pure aluminum and is 2.5 microns thick, and is tuned to about 40Hz. It is offset toward the front side of the microphone case, which among other features provides a high-SPL capability of 135 dB on the front side. The rear side is equally sensitive but brighter. Royer bills this feature as “two microphones in one.” This innovation was patented in 1999.

  • High SPL Capabilities
  • No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating
  • Extremely low residual noise
  • Ribbon element is not affected by heat or humidity
  • Absence of high frequency phase distortion
  • Equal sensitivity from front or back of element
  • Consistent frequency response regardless of distance

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