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Thank you for the awesome buying experience, I bought the Push on a Sunday and had it installed in my studio on Monday morning! One of the best online purchases I’ve ever made, congrats to all the team.
Roger Montejano

Producer | Mixer | Engineer

Fantastic service from the staff at SMX today, first class job guys, thank you 🙂
Simon Dayton

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I wanna thank these guys for their excellent equipment, & awesome after sales services! This is the reason, i keep goin bck! 🙂 All the best guys! Hope to visit soon!

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Thanks for the Live Recording Demo this evening. And also thanks for your excellent service in educating me about music recording…… thanks for excellent & enthusiastic service, I have no hesitation to recommend my friends to Sinamex.
Robin Khoo

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Just bought my M-Audio stuff from Sinamex today! Excellent service
Ong Chang Song

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I wanted to say a quick thank you for your help this morning when I visited the shop. As a beginner it is nice to go into a shop and be offered the opportunity to have a play with anything on display without having an expert shop assistant hovering over you making you feel inadequate as you stumble through the only few chords you know.
Kevin Blake

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I am pleasantly surprised by your good service in contacting me…
Jim Chia

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Hooray for Sinamex! I’ve bought 2 guitars from them (Taylors) and they’re great with customer service!

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Thumbs up for them…

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Thank you for going to such lengths for me.
Jed Wong

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….. a crack on the bottom of my guitar with the bindings slightly undone. I collected my ………. (from Sinamex Guitar Hospital) yesterday and I am very pleased with the repair. He (Guitar Doc) had sealed up the crack very nicely. Thought I dropped a note to thank you…
Pine Kyaw

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Thanks for your very good customer service @sinamex! shoutout to your salesguy Timothy for helping me find the best guitar and recording studio kit… and most especially to your patience. I’m so happy with my purchase and your service!

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I have been in Singapore for only a year, and have found their product knowledge, customer service, and scope of products to be an excellent match for my professional home setup.
Ashley White

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Thank you for the wonderful service!
Pearlicia Chan

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I purchased a few things in Sinamex yesterday and the sales persons there are very friendly and helpful ..they even helped pack my monitors speakers into my bag (which would be a problem for me if im just carrying the box)..overall i enjoyed my time at ur shop, a very nice place for musicians/producer to shop and excellent customer service. Gna come back again in the future ..THANK YOU SINAMEX!! p.s. i forgot to get the kns6400 :/ hehehe
Sleek Twenty-one

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Your shop has good prompt service and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend it to my friends. BTW Arif says that your shop has some good guitars and he might be thinking of getting one *wink*

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Thanks for your excellent customer service.
Eugene Evangelista

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Thanks Sinamex! Truly, you are a bunch of friendly people. Your attitude is great and regardless of how the person looks, you still serve them with all of your heart. Well done!
Brendon Loh

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SMX (A Division of Sinamex) is by far the most customer and price friendly guitar store in Malaysia.

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Sinamex has the best customer support so far. In Singapore it is rare to have such a professional shop around.
Harmony Central

Thank you for your great customer service! I am impressed with the level of service and I will definitely visit you soon again.
Nicholas H. Christian

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Thank you so much for your time and effort. I would like to give you all compliments for your excellent customer service and help. Keep up the good work.

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Just want to give a shout out to the folks at Sinamex, for their awesome service. Got an Ableton Push recently, which I then ran into some problems. The folks at Sinamex helped me resolve the problem within a very short period of time. Now I’m able to use my Push once again! Thanks!:)
Junpei Jumpri

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Picked it up! (Ableton Push) Thanks for the great customer service!!!!!!
Dave Chin

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Thanks for the great service.
Gavin Destiny's

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“Thanks to the people of Sinamex. It still shows that there are still great service in Singapore after all.”

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…thank you for the great service. It’s not often I come across someone who, instead of just wanting to make a sale, possesses extensive knowledge about the product(s) in question, and understands what the customer needs – even if sometimes he/she isn’t too sure (ie. like me heheh). In all honesty, I have had the experience of walking into many music stores here, only to be constantly followed around or basically ignored. My experience at Sinamex was a complete 180 from that – it was a pleasure.
Trevor Scully

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…just purchased a Taylor 414ce today and I am very happy with it! The service is excellent and I’ve been to your shop a few times to “audition” and the customer service is great!
Martin Chua

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Everything is working well and thanks for the advice.
James English

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I’ve never seen it anywhere else…those prices are good…Cheaper than the US.

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You have done your homework!
Roby Duke

Thanks a lot for the great service….”
Rizal Rasool Khan

via email

If you need a luthier in Singapore- they get no better than Doc Steven Lee at Sinamex Guitar Hospital – he made my Warwick fretless humm!

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