Trade-In @ Sinamex

Are you in possession of outdated or faulty gear from a brand that we either represent or have represented in the past? If so, we have an exceptional offer for you. We pride ourselves on providing the best-in-the-industry trade-in values, even for equipment that may no longer be functional.

When you bring your old gear to our showroom, you can take advantage of substantial discounts towards the purchase of any new equipment. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to the latest and most advanced gear, regardless of the condition of your existing equipment. We understand the value of upgrading and want to make the process as convenient and affordable as possible for you.

Whether your gear is outdated, faulty, or non-functional, we welcome you to take advantage of this opportunity. Our showroom is the ideal place to explore a wide range of cutting-edge options and find the perfect replacement for your existing setup. Join us today and discover the incredible savings and possibilities that await you.

Discontinued Gear?

Do you have old discontinued gear that is not of today’s audio quality or simply not relevant in the context of today’s technological benchmark?

Faulty Equipment?

Do you have faulty equipment that is unrepairable or too expensive to repair?

Bad Second Hand Valuation?

Are you unable to find a decent price or buyer for your old equipment?

Looking for an Upgrade?

Are you looking to upgrade your gear to industry standard or “end-game” gear?

Contact us today! to learn about our best-in-industry trade in program!


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