Output Frontier Designed by Barefoot Sound (pair)

SGD 1,995.00

Price is for one pair of speakers


“The Frontiers performed surprisingly well for their speaker size and form factor. Comparisons can be elusive and highly subjective, but I’ve tested/reviewed several similar-sized non-coaxial monitors in my project studio and can’t remember hearing a tighter, more focused, and accurate bass response. I’m impressed with the Frontiers. They seem to have it all: value, style, and (most importantly) performance.” – Tape Op


“…what really matters is whether or not they will allow you to make informed mix decisions that translate well to the outside world. In this respect, I’d say Output’s monitors do a great job.” – Sound On Sound


“Beautifully designed coaxial monitors with an excellent pedigree and highly revealing sound.” – MusicRadar


“Coaxial drivers provide a ‘point source’ monitoring experience with several benefits. Razor-sharp focus is one, and the Frontiers combine this with a cavernous, deep soundstage that allows you to listen into a mix meaningfully. No relentless firing of upper-mid detail to pin you to the back of your chair here, rather a warm and inviting presentation that makes things crystal clear without hammering the point home.” – MusicTech


“There’s 3 words I can use to describe these monitors: silky, punchy and honest. I’m having such a blast producing with these. They will up my room perfectly without being too overbearing. They’re also one of the sexiest looking monitors I’ve seen. Did you see that woodgrain?” – !llmind, Producer – J.Cole, Drake, Logic


Powered by Barefoot

An Output and Barefoot Sound collaboration


Meet Frontier

Proudly designed, tested and built in collaboration with Output,  the global leader in music creation, to bring you the best sounding, best looking home studio monitor in its class. Frontier is the result of our team’s longtime admiration of Barefoot monitors—and giving Barefoot’s audio technology an Output spin.

Barefoot Audio Design, Output Aesthetics

Output’s sleek design fuses with Barefoot’s pioneering audio technology. Frontier’s solid walnut base isolates the speakers and makes each one unique, while the bifurcated soft white LED light provides a pleasant visual accent.

No Detail Too Small

Frontier features bespoke 6.5″/1.25″ coaxial aluminum alloy drivers designed and tuned by Thomas Barefoot for a flat anechoic response and low distortion. The forward facing tuned port gives you an accurate representation of the bass in your mix.

The superior sound quality your studio deserves.


Tech Specs

Frequency Response: 45Hz to 25kHz
Crossover Frequency: 3000Hz
LF Amp Power: 100W
HF Amp Power: 100W
Polarity: Positive pressure with positive voltage.
Input Impendance:
20K Ohmsut
Input Sensitivity: 87dB @ 1m @ -15dBv
Power: 265W max
Eco Mode Power Draw: 280mW
Drivers: Bespoke coaxial aluminum alloy with 6.5″ woofer, 1″ tweeter
Size (H x W x D): 332 x 230 x 200 mm (13 x 9 x 7.9 in)
Power Supply Nominal 115 VAC or 230 VAC selectable
Power Consumption: Idle: 25W, Maximum: 1165W
Weight: 7 kg

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