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“The combination of console-grade preamps, insert points, and well-executed converters gives results that would challenge hardware that sits a lot further up the price scale, and is sure to impress even the most discerning of users.” – MusicTech


“You’ll be left with no doubt in your mind about what iD44 MKII is capable of, whether it’s functionality, or raw audio performance.” – Julian Krause


“In use, the iD44 sounds wonderful and offers quality comparable with much more expensive interfaces. While the software helps configure settings seamlessly, the upper panel design means that for recordings of up to four channels, you can comfortably run a session directly from the interface without clutter.” – Jono Buchanan, Future Music


“The iD44 is designed to be the centrepiece to your studio work ow with just the right amount of connectivity and expandability to allow you to record quickly and easily and if you have some pro outboard gear you are not limited to how you use it or have it connected. It feels very much like recording with my 24 channel Audient console, but in many ways without the hassle. I do hope they don’t want it back? ” – James Ivey, Pro Tools Expert


“After waiting 4 months, for my iD44, I have to say, it was definitely worth the wait. This thing is the best sounding audio interface I’ve ever heard. It sounds like a mixing console. Probably because they used the same pre-amps, and converters they use in the huge mixing consoles. And, it has tons of features, more features than any other audio interface, and is expandable to 20 channels in, 24 channels out. The iD44 has literally no competition in this price range, or even in the 2000+ price range. The iD44 is in a class by itself. Absolutely amazing audio interface. Great work Audient. :)” – Dicario


“It’s a solid unit that is well laid out and offers plenty of connectivity but on top of that, it offers that stunning A/D conversion that we have come to expect from Audient in recent years. The mic preamps are smooth and the DI inputs are lively, making it an ideal interface for small to medium setups recording vocals, guitar and a range of other instruments too.” – Rob Gee, Mixdown Mag


“I tested the iD22 for about 48 hours before knowing that the iD44 would be exactly what I needed. With the additional two (for a total of 4) mic-pres, this unit fits my small, quality-home studio set up perfectly. Let me highlight some of my favorite aspects: The DI input absolutely blew me away… with a warm and clear tone recorded directly into my DAW (LogicX). Another great item- HPF; improving every microphone right out of the box. Did you do some research on the A/D – D/A quality from these units? That alone could justify this box. Expansion options. Looking to add the 4-710d from UA to expand my input options with this thing. I feel so comfortable with the clarity of these preamps that I”ll only be looking to match the quality with maybe some tube options/ compression options and other great audio gear to make use of the high-end conversion. (Dream is two Shelford Channels on inserts 1/2 *_*). It”s managed through a great new software/mixer control that I easily downloaded from Audient”s well-managed website. Play back is through a pair of Neumann KH120s… and everything sounds eerily clear and at. I believe I”m hearing the best sounds in my life through this set up. This audio interface will be a centerpiece for many years to come. I recommend this to anyone starting as its all you need to make amazing quality sounds. But the thing about it- for me- is that it brings you into the high-end audio arena with so much potential to grow.” – Matthew Kakani Gabriel



For the Creatives

20in/24out Audio Interface


The Classic Audient Sound with Console Mic Pres & Class Leading Conversion

Inspired by their 20 years of expertise in analogue hardware design, iD44 MkII is Audient’s most powerful audio interface yet. Featuring four Audient console mic pres, class-leading converters, ADAT expandability and more, iD44 delivers the audio performance of an an Audient console on your desktop, giving you the professional sound you deserve.


Audient Console Mic Pres

The professional sound you deserve


iD44 MkII features four Class-A console mic pres, the same discrete circuit design found in our renowned recording console the ASP8024-HE and throughout their product range. Designed to deliver ultra- low noise and low distortion, the Audient mic pre will provide an accurate reproduction of your source, along with enough analogue warmth to add a bit of character, making it the go to mic pre for any project.

What Does The Audient Mic Pre Provide?

Clean, punchy and musical character

Flexible topology – design optimised gain range between 0 – 70db gain

Low noise floor – 30,000 times quieter than the signal level

Wide bandwidth – preserving your transient detail

Transformer-less, RF immune input stage for detailed resolution

Audient is the only company that use the same Class-A mic pre design throughout our entire product range, whether you’re in the studio with an Audient console or with the iD44 MkII at home, you’re always guaranteed the same renowned Audient sound.


Pristine Converter Technology

Brilliance on the inside enables brilliance on the outside

Hear your audio more accurately than ever with iD44’s all new high performance AD/DA converter technology. Audient’s next generation converters have been designed to deliver optimised dynamic range, ensuring you hear the most honest and natural translation of your recording. Hear subtle detail, make better mix decisions and experience remarkable clarity from the moment you press play.


Discrete JFET D.I’s

Simply plug in and be inspired


As well as offering you 4 channels of mic pre, iD44 MkII has two harmonically rich JFET D.I inputs designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier. Simply plug in your guitar, bass or synth whenever inspiration strikes and start recording instantly.


Two Independent Headphone Outputs

Comfort, clarity, confidence

Get the most out of your headphones and your artist with iD44 MkII’s advanced headphone amp technology. Whether you’re tracking an artist or working on a mix, iD44’s two stereo headphone amps have been designed to provide enough power for your headphones to perform to their highest potential. Set up two separate cue mixes through iD44s independent stereo outputs, each driven by their own DAC – giving you incredible depth and accuracy at all times.



Console Style Monitor Control

The Power of Simplicity


Taking inspiration from their heritage in analogue console design, iD44 MkII features a range of flexible monitor control functions including dedicated talkback, cut and dim buttons along with polarity, mono, speaker select and cue mix monitoring. All monitoring functions can be assigned to three programmable function buttons. No more time spent searching for software controlled features or scrolling through menus, just assign the monitoring functions you need and quickly take control of your session. Real hardware control at your fingertips.

Intuitive software

Software you can rely on

iD44’s all new mix focused software the iD Mixer has been designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. Create up to four stereo artist cue mixes, name and customise channels, save layout presets, assign hardware function buttons, quickly setup advanced routing, use presets in standalone mode and more. Tightly integrating hardware and software, the iD Mixer makes the recording process easy giving you total control and reliability where you need it most.




Hardware for your software


With a touch of a button iD44 MkII’s volume encoder becomes a virtual scroll wheel, enabling you to take control of your DAW, plug-in parameters and more – just like you’re adjusting a piece of hardware. Quickly dial in settings, adjust faders or even write in automation without spending hours staring at a screen.


USB Connection

iD44 MkII comes with both a standard USB cable and a USB Type-C cable enabling you to connect to any USB compatible Mac or PC supporting USB 2.0 or above.


Built To Last

Quality deserves protection

Unlike many interfaces on the market iD44 MkII has an all-metal construction, meaning it will stand up to those countless late nights in the studio and days on the road. From it’s hand finished aluminium knobs to its high grade component selection, iD44 MkII matches professional sound with precision engineering and the end result is stunning.

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