PSI Audio active studio monitors are amongst the most desirable true reference speakers in the world. Using pure high analogue active technology and manufactured in Switzerland, their range of monitor speakers is the most transparent and accurate in the world, making them the ultimate reference for sound purists. Whether you are a studio sound engineer in recording, mixing, mastering, broadcast or post production, you will be blown away by how much faster and better you will work with PSI Audio studio monitor speakers.

PSI Audio were previously known under the Relec brand in the late ‘70s, and the company’s professional monitor speakers are all designed and handmade in Yverdon, on the shores of lake Neuch tel, Switzerland. Great engineering is very high on the priority list, and the PSI factory boasts a 150 cubic-metre anechoic chamber to enable comprehensive testing of every finished monitor, each model being shipped with its own QC measurement chart. Very few other studio monitor manufacturers can claim to be so thoroughly objective.

PSI Audio’s design philosophy since 1977, has been to reproduce sound perfectly. Artists and sound engineers spend a lifetime improving their art and designing the best possible sounds for others to enjoy. Therefore, to transform the electrical signal into an acoustic signal as accurately as possible so that the listener can hear and appreciated all the beauty and details is their ultimate objective.


PSI Audio A14-M Studio
Nearfield Active Monitors

A compact two-way active monitors with superb neutrality, resolution and stereo imaging, supplemented with precise bass control and timing more akin to a sealed cabinet than a reflex design. You will be impressed with the obviously high standard of sound reproduction. This monitor has an obvious ‘rightness’ and an understated accuracy about its sound presentation. The overall tonal balance is pretty much perfect. It’s the aural equivalent of looking out of the window instead of at an HD TV screen!

  • 5.8″ Woofer and 2.8″ Tweeter
  • Class-G Amplifier: Bi-Amp 70W + 30W
  • Frequency Response: 56 Hz to 22 kHz
  • Max SPL: 112 dB (Pair)
  • Balanced XLR Input
  • AOI, ALG, CPR, PSC Technology


PSI Audio A17-M Studio
Nearfield Active Monitors

Small sized two‑way active monitors with stunning performance. Capable of delivering exceptional accuracy and neutrality, with remarkable tight low-frequency control and bass extension. Precise stereo imaging and a wide sweet spot. These speakers provide real detail and superb resolution across the bandwidth, and do so without any sense of fatigue even after hours of critical listening. The top end is gloriously smooth and natural, yet wonderfully revealing and precise. 

  • 6.9″ Woofer and 3.9″ Tweeter
  • Class-G Amplifier: Bi-Amp 80W + 40W
  • Frequency Response: 44 Hz to 23 kHz
  • Max SPL: 115 dB (Pair)
  • Balanced XLR Input
  • AOI, ALG, CPR, PSC Technology

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