Rupert Neve Designs MBT Master Bus Transformer

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“Once you’ve inserted the MBT on your master bus, everything that follows requires only your ears, intuition and creativity.” – Sound On Sound


“In addition to the saturation, there’s something about the Blue Silk, the way that it saturates the low end and the low band EQ with the high pass filter, that gives me the best low end I’ve ever had in my career, and I don’t say that lightly – like, there’s some magic happening there…the way you can shape and mold the low end is absolutely incredible.” – Colt Capperrune


“This is a near-instant love affair. I’ve fallen for it even quicker than any other RND products.” – John O’Mahony (Matt Maeson, Sara Bareilles, Vance Joy, Metric)


“The opto compressor sneaks up on you and then sweeps you off your feet….punchy when used moderately, stealth ferocity if you push it to the brink.” – Heba Kadry, Mastering Engineer (Bjork, Sufjan Stevens, Deerhunter, Beach House)


Elevate your sonic landscape

Revel in a six-decade legacy of audio innovation as we delve into the cornerstone of Mr. Rupert Neve’s visionary audio circuit design philosophy – the bespoke transformers from Rupert Neve Designs. These meticulously crafted transformers stand as a vital component within virtually every RND product, and now, they take center stage in the MBT.

Immerse yourself in a sonic journey where the MBT, enriched by these exceptional transformers, unveils a breathtaking palette of possibilities. From sweetening and enhancing to driving, widening, and undergoing a complete metamorphosis, the MBT emerges as the quintessential instrument for infusing your source material with unparalleled musical coloration.


Craft enchanting tones with the Shelf EQ’s magical touch

Experience the refined artistry of the all-new 2-band Shelf EQ section, meticulously designed for simplicity and elegance. With 3 octave ranges, gentle slopes, and minimal phase shifts, this smooth and musical EQ excels in delivering precisely calibrated tonal enhancement. Its seamless interaction with the other sections of the MBT ensures an unparalleled audio experience.


Infuse vitality into your sound with the transformative prowess of the Color Comp

Embark on a sonic journey with the revolutionary optical compressor design of the Color Comp. Expertly crafted to highlight the non-linear distortion and vibrant characteristics of the Opto cell, it breathes new life and depth into your source material.

This dynamic tool features two selectable ratios, a sweepable high-pass side-chain filter, variable threshold and release settings, 20dB of Class-A makeup gain, and a Blend control for seamless parallel processing. Elevate your audio with precision and control.


Discover a new dimension of audio depth with the expansive capabilities of Width.

Experience an enhanced stereo spread without compromising low-end focus with the thoughtfully designed Width section.

Drawing inspiration from the award-winning Master Buss Processor’s Stereo Field Editor (SFE) “WIDTH” controls, the MBT introduces key enhancements. The Width control is exclusively additive, offering an extended range for more pronounced effects.

Introducing a variable high-pass filter (50Hz to 800Hz), the Width section lets you tailor the spread of mids and highs while maintaining a centered low-end in the mix. To ensure a balanced result, subtle high-frequency tapering is implemented, preventing the overemphasis of harsh HF tones. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of spatial control and sonic precision.


Introducing Super Silk

With a rich history spanning nearly two decades, the Silk circuit has solidified its status as a cherished feature among Rupert Neve Designs users. What initially began as a straightforward on/off switch evolved into the addition of selectable Red and Blue modes, along with the introduction of the variable Texture control. Silk’s purpose remains steadfast – to elevate and regulate both even and odd order harmonic content across diverse source materials.

Now, introducing Super Silk, the latest evolution in this beloved technology. Boasting independent controls for Red, Blue, Harmonics, and Zener Drive, along with the flexibility to adjust gain into and out of the circuit, the MBT takes harmonic manipulation to unprecedented heights. Immerse yourself in a new era of sonic refinement and creative control.


Whether applied to a full mix, groups, stems, or individual sources, the MBT seamlessly marries legendary tone with an exceptionally versatile array of controls, empowering you to sculpt your sound with precision and finesse.



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