Mojave MA-37 Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

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“What makes it great is that however many mics you already have, the MA‑37 will bring something genuinely different to the party (unless you’re lucky enough to own a C‑37A, of course). And unlike many ‘interesting’ or ‘different’ mics, it’s truly useful on a wide variety of sources. I’d even go so far as to say that on some of them, it does things you won’t get from any other type of mic.” – Sound On Sound


“The Mojave MA-37’s features, build quality, and sonic performance place it in the category alongside other celebrated studio mics.” – Tape Op


“The Mojave MA-37 brings the sound and style of a rare classic tube mic to the modern recording world.  It has fantastic build quality, top-notch components and a stunning, smoothly weighted, vibey as hell sound.” – Recording Magazine



Delivers the venerated sound to a new generation of artists

Retro. Futuristic. Mojave is proud to introduce Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer’s modern take on a legend – the Sony C-37a. Known for its high headroom and ability to tame brittle high end, it became a workhorse in the 60’s, especially during the golden age of Hollywood recording – the “Wrecking Crew’ era. Studios such as Capitol Records and Sunset Sound acquired multiples, which are still use today. From Leonard Bernstein and the Columbia Symphony Orchestra and VO legend Mel Blanc (the voice of over 400 characters, from Bugs Bunny to Barney Rubble) though producer Daniel Lanois (U2, Peter Gabriel) and current artists, such as Bon Iver, the C-37a remains a ‘secret weapon’ microphone for those in the know. David Royer, who has been a fan of the C-37a for thirty years, has long desired to offer his updated version to the Mojave family – and that time has come. He states, “Sony took a completely different approach than Neumann and AKG, which made the C-37a a completely different animal”.

The Mojave MA-37 features an EF86 tube, Lundahl transformer and a special capsule built here in California. It features a unique mechanical approach, developed by RCA in the 1930s and adapted by Sony, to achieving a choice between cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns – an adjustable tuned acoustic chamber.

In keeping with David Royer’s “simple yet elegant” design philosophy, the circuit is based around a single-stage tube amplifier. The hi-pass filter controls are located on the power supply, offering three options:  at (M), 100Hz (V1) and 200Hz (V2).


  • David Royer’s re-creation of the legendary Sony C-37a tube condenser microphone
  • Simple and elegant design based around a single-stage tube amplifier
  • Smooth, ribbon-like sound flatters every source, from vocals and acoustic instruments to guitar amps and drums
  • Premium components include an EF806 vacuum tube, a Lundahl transformer, and a custom capsule manufactured in California
  • Signature u-shaped shockmount yoke secures the microphone and prevents low-
  • Dedicated power supply with 3 highpass filter options: Flat (M), 100Hz (V1), and 200Hz (V2)
  • Adjustable tuned acoustic chamber for switching between cardioid and omnidirectional operation — accessed via a small rear port


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