Mojave Audio MA-50 Large-diaphragm Transformerless Condenser Microphone

SGD 895.00

“From the moment I started using Mojave’s large diaphragm condenser MA-50 mic, it sounded great on everything. Microphone designer David Royer went on a mission to create an affordable, transformerless large diaphragm microphone that would outperform more expensive mics of the same ilk. I think he achieved something special, one that holds its own among the best mics out there.” – Ben Bernstein, Tape Op


“The MA-50 is a versatile workhorse microphone that provides unmatched quality in its price range. It is a perfect solution for single mic project studios and a great addition to even well-stocked mic closets.” – Pro Sound News


“It’s kind of an easy entry point into the higher-end microphone world, from the consumer and even pro-sumer levels, to what the big boys use. The leap in sound is amazing, but considering the competition, the leap in cost isn’t that big, and the MA-50 is well worth the asking price.” – Performer Magazine


Rivals Expensive Transformerless Microphones

The challenge? Create a transformerless microphone circuit without the inherent problems found in transformerless microphones. Technical Grammy® award winning microphone designer David Royer has created a thoroughly modern microphone that rises to that challenge: the MA-50. Designed to produce the clarity and realism that Mojave microphones are known for – at an entry level price – the MA-5 out performs well-known transformerless mics costing many times more. The MA-50 is the perfect microphone for pros and semi-pros alike. Utilising the same capsule as the MA-200 and MA-201fet, it handles the fastest transients with ease – even up to 140 dB.


Large-diaphragm cardioid 3-micron capsule

Fixed-cardioid polar pattern

Transformerless circuitry

Very low noise Includes professional shock mount

High SPL handling

Fast transient response

Simple – yet elegant design – perfect for home recording


Recommended applications



Acoustic Instruments

Drum Overheads




Technical Data

TRANSDUCER TYPE: Externally polarised pressure gradient capacitor

DIAPHRAGM: 1-inch diameter, gold sputtered



FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 Hz- 20 kHz, + 3 dB

SENSITIVITY: -40 dB re. 1V/pa


DISTORTION: <0.5% @140 dB SPL

SELF NOISE: Better than 16 dB (A weighted)

IMPEDANCE: <100 ohms

RECOMMENDED LOAD: 1500 ohms or higher

POWERING: 48VDC phantom power; current 2 mA.

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: Carrying case with microphone, shock mount: 10” x 9” x 4.5” Microphone: 7 5/8” X 2” (194mm x 51mm), 0.45Kg


polar pattern


frequency response

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