Focal Twin6 (pair)

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Voted “Best Studio Monitor All Categories” – Future Music Magazine


“To sum up, this is one of the most accurate and transparent monitors we’ve ever tried or heard. The Twin6 Bes have a fantastic stereo image, wide sweet spot, perform well when playing all styles/genres, and aren’t fatiguing. Above all else, they are a joy to use.” – MusicRadar


“Though at the higher end of the price range associated with private project studios, the Focal Twin 6s deliver a full-spectrum sound without trying to hype it up, and they still sound good at relatively high listening levels.” – Paul White, Sound On Sound


“Our experience with Focal is super positive I think these monitors let you hear absolutely everything… from the lowest to the highest, the stereo image is incredible. You can grab on to the details of the mix, polish them… half a decibel here, half there it’s great it’s like getting into the music and working inside it, like swimming in the sound literally, you’re swimming inside the sound.” –  Nacho Molino et Pablo Governatori


“I am producing for a long time and I have gone through quite a lot of monitor speakers but I finally think that I have found a pair that I really really feel comfortable with all the time. I feel I am able to make sound and I am able to trust what I am hearing […] I know when I am doing a really good track.” – Chris Lake



2.5-Way Monitor


Made in France, Twin6 is a 2.5-way monitor offering unrivalled transparency, definition level, dynamics and soundstage precision.
Its Focus Mode uses a two-way configuration, preserving the sweet spot when mixing, saving space on the console and simplifying cabling and monitor changes.
In terms of technology and performance, Twin6 boasts an inverted dome Beryllium tweeter with an ‘M’-shaped protective grille, and a woofer with a ‘W’-shaped cone, as well as a frequency range of up to 10 kHz, specially designed for the Focus Mode. All this on top of Focal’s patented Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) technology, which reduces distortion in the 1kHz – 3kHz frequency range by 50%, as well as a high-pass crossover, a disengageable automatic standby mode and a 160Hz crossover for reflections from consoles – making Twin6 an industry-leading monitor.


Beryllium – The Best Of Focal Technology

The Twin6  monitoring loudspeaker relies on Focal’s exclusive and innovative technologies. It is equipped with an inverted dome tweeter made of pure Beryllium, an ultra-solid but lightweight material ensuring optimal and unrivalled reproduction of the high end, in addition to a ‘W’ cone for optimising response right from the design stage, thanks to the precise control of rigidity, lightness and damping. In terms of amplification, BASH® technology is the only one capable of combing class AB sound quality with the efficiency of class D amplifiers, and it enables the perfect adjustment of the bass/midrange power stage.


Harmonising Registers – Transparency And Precision

The reputation of the Twin6  rests on its precise sound image, the definition of the treble and its neutral midrange. The excellent articulation of the bass and lower mid-range registers, even at high volume, makes this an undisputable reference. It is particularly recommended for sound engineers looking for information and transparency in these registers, and who wish to fine-tune the different effects for perfect equalisation.



Focal’s best-selling studio reference monitor

Hallmark-Focal inverted-dome tweeter, for high efficiency, precision, and energy

Employs a rigid Beryllium tweeter, for Focal’s best-in-range tweeter performance

“W” composite sandwich cone permits optimisation of the frequency response curve


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