Focal Clear MG Professional

SGD 1,795.00

“The Clear MG Pro achieve some of the most remarkable detail that I have ever heard in a headphone.” – Recording Magazine


“The MG Pro aims to create an uncompromised image quality that lays everything out for you with clarity and articulation. They achieve this tremendously in my opinion.” – Major Hifi


“If the price isn’t a deterrent, then this will be one of the best pairs of studio cans you’ll ever invest in.” – Audio 46


“Their performance is up there with the very best of them ..the Clears absolutely are a pleasure to wear.” –  Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound


“The build, design, comfort, and sonics of the Clear Mg Professional are simply superb. Without question, this is one of the nicest headphones I’ve ever reviewed.” – Recording Magazine


“Overall, the Focal Clear Professional is a great option for a myriad of folks looking for headphones in this range. It has a great sense of realism across multiple categories. It feels comfortable to listen to for hours on end, so I’m confident that those who just want to listen to music or those who are making mix decisions would both benefit from using the Focal Clear Pro.” – Steph Durwin, Major HiFi


“The Focal Clear Professional was a pleasure to work with, what surprised me was the frequency separation, the stereo field had nice width and depth, but the height impression of HF to LF was superb, the bass felt low to my jaw while sweet ear cookies of sparkling highs sat on top. The ergonomic design of the Focal Clear Professional headphones combined with the R&D that has gone into the driver assembly produces an open sound with an incredibly high detail.” – Colby Ramsey, Audio Media



Expect The Best

Clear Mg Professional is the essential pair of headphones for discerning sound engineers and producers. To equip these open-back headphones’ 1 5/8″ (40mm) full-range speaker drivers with M-shaped inverted domes; Focal engineers designed a new material: a magnesium cone. This offers extreme precisionThe tonal balance is remarkable, as is the bass articulation and the level of detail across the full sound spectrum.
In addition to high-performance technologies, Clear Mg Professional offers impressive comfort and a unique aesthetic signature. The curve of the headband, high-resilience memory foam earpads, evenly-distributed weight. Everything has been covered to allow you to forget you’re wearing headphones at all. Meanwhile, the black and red colours combined with the “honeycomb” signature on the earcups offer a touch of modern elegance.

Focal Speaker Drivers

Brand new magnesium cone

Clear Mg Professional incorporates 1 5/8” (40mm) full-range speaker drivers with magnesium ‘M’-shaped inverted domes. Thanks to this brand new cone, combined with the frameless 1″ (25mm)-diameter and 1/4″ (5.5mm)-high copper voice coil, the sound experience is made extremely precise, delivering impressive detail across the full spectrum while preserving excellent tonal balance.


The Ultimate Work Tool

Fast and dynamic

The flexibility of the surround offers lightness, therefore more dynamics and impact, particularly in the bass. The open grille inside the earcup closely follows the ‘M’ profile of the cone to further reduce adverse effects. With a 24kHz break-up, the high frequencies are extremely linear and the transient signals are respected. The headphones disappear to the benefit of the audio signal, with its uncompromising and even faster transfer quality.


Comfort and Openness

The headband design creates a constant curve, wherever the head turns. The weight of the headphones is distributed evenly, preventing the localised pressure point phenomenon. The solid aluminium yoke is covered with a structured black paint, for sleek design and scratch resistance. Instead of the traditional vertically rotating mechanics, these have been moved within the headband for even greater comfort. This allows excellent sealing, particularly beneath the ears, to prevent any acoustic leakage, synonymous with significant bass loss. Finally, the highly resilient memory foam earpads complete the comfortable, open feel.

Meticulous Finishes

The outer surface of the earcups features a honeycomb pattern for an even more sophisticated and elegant look. It’s enhanced by the black and red finish for a blend of classicism and modernity. This openness promotes the sensation of spatialisation and improves the image of the soundstage. The compact carrying case is thermoformed to the shape of the headphones and has been woven in the same colours. Finally, two low-resistivity OFC 24 AWG copper cables are supplied.


Provided Accessories

Premium rigid carrying case

Two OFC copper 24AWG copper cables to suit all uses (1.2m + 5m spiral)

3.5mm and 6.35mm jack adapter

2 x spare earpads supplied

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