API The Box Summing Mixer and Recording Console

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“I can’t think of another console at this price level which incorporates so many signal transformers, and it really does have a beneficial effect on the console’s overall sound character.” – Sound On Sound


“API has created a truly amazing piece of equipment. Overall, I am blown away by this well-engineered sonic beauty and its value for the money.” – Mix Magazine



The Box Audio Production Console

API successfully debuted THE BOX Console over five years ago, and its highly desirable large console sound in a compact footprint has become a favorite choice of audio pros worldwide — from commercial production facilities to home studio operations.

The newest version of the award-winning BOX Console provides even more options and flexibility for modern studio workflow. Offering a total of eight input channels and eight 500 Series slots, the updated BOX Console also features LED metering for each of its 24 summing channels. The new BOX Console provides the same comprehensive rear panel connections, full center section and monitoring as its predecessor, as well as the 0dB bypass switch on each summing channel — a feature so popular it was included in the design of API’s new 1608-II and 2448 consoles.

THE BOX is API’s small-format solution for any studio where space or budget is limited. Using the same circuitry and components as all other API consoles (including the Vision and Legacy AXS), THE BOX provides the signature analog sound and performance users have come to expect from API. Designed and optimized for the digital era, THE BOX handles all the functions needed for production not provided by most DAWs, including mic preamps, input signal processing, high-quality mix bus, cue sends with talkback, monitor control and more. Most importantly, THE BOX offers the legendary API sound in an efficient, cost-effective package.


Optimised for the digital era

Optimised as an audio production console for the digital era, The Box delivers all the functionality you don’t get from your DAW, including mic preamps, input signal processing, a high-quality mix bus, cue sends with talkback, monitor control, comprehensive rear-panel connections with balanced inputs and outputs, and much more, while eliminating the redundant capacities of larger boards. You get the legendary all-discrete API sound in a compact, cost-effective package.



Eight (8) input channels with Mic Preamp, Line Input and Hi Pass Filter

Eight (8) 500 Series slots (1 per input channel)

Direct Out on Input Channels

On-Board Stereo Bus Compressor w/ ability to assign to program bus or input channels 1-4

Instrument Direct Inputs on channels 1-4

Sixteen (16) summing channels (24 channels during mix)

0dB bypass switch for each summing channel

4-Segment LED Metering on each summing channel

Stereo program bus with master fader, insert, and external input

One (1) stereo and (2) mono auxiliary sends/buses

Stereo cue send/bus & headphone system

PFL, AFL, and Solo-In-Place solo modes with stereo solo bus

Full-featured monitor section that supports two stereo monitor systems

Talkback system

Comprehensive rear panel connections with balanced inputs and outputs

Integrated power supply




Input Specifications

Line Input Maximum Level: +28 dBu (+34 dBu w/PAD)

Microphone Input Gain Range: +30 dB to +65 dB (+10 dB to +45 dB w/PAD)

Microphone Maximum Level: ‐2 dBu (+18 dBu w/PAD)

Instrument Input Gain Range: +11 dB to +46 dB

Input PAD: 20 dB Mic, ‐6 dB Line

Direct Output Maximum Level: +28 dBu

Direct Output Frequency Response: +0/‐0.5 dB, 20 Hz to 50 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio (from max): ‐116 dB


Output Specifications

Program Output Maximum Level: +28 dBu

Program Output Frequency Response: +/‐ 0.5 dB, 20 Hz to 50 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio (from max): ‐118 dB


General Specifications

Dimensions: 0.83 M x  0.67 M x 0.34 M

Weight: 40.8 Kg


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