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Same As It Ever Was.

From the fast attack of the legendary 1176LN Limiting Amplifier, to the smooth tube-driven Teletronix® LA-2A electro-optical compressor, to the classic 610 Tube Mic Amplifier — Universal Audio analog equipment has defined the sound of innumerable records for six decades.

Each UA Reissue, tube or solid state, is hand-built in UA’s Scotts Valley, California headquarters. We use identical components and painstaking old-school manufacturing techniques, delivering undeniably warm, rich and inspiring sound. And with forward-looking hardware like OX Amp Top Box, Universal Audio continues to innovate in the analog realm — same as it ever was.

Guitar Products

Universal Audio
OX Amp Top Box

A premium reactive load box and guitar recording system, giving you perfectly studio-miked amp sounds from your tube amp. OX accurately emulates speaker drive, breakup, and cone cry — making it the world’s finest speaker attenuator and guitar amp recording solution.

Channel Strips

Universal Audio


Record through the legendary Bill Putnam-designed 610 tube console mic preamp and compress signals with authentic Teletronix tube circuitry. Shape your tones further with High and Low frequency shelving tube EQ. Handmade in the USA.

Mic Preamps

Universal Audio

Four channels of classic tube and solid-state tones with 1176-style compression and professional A/D conversion.

Universal Audio
SOLO 610


Get the classic Putnam 610 tube console sound in a portable, versatile mic preamp design. Offers the silky, vintage warmth of the original console, and will enhance any microphone or instrument.


Universal Audio
Teletronix LA 2A

True to the original design, UA’s recreation of the famed Teletronix®, tube-amplified, T4, electro-optical classic compressor. Handmade in the USA.


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Improve your workflow by controlling every Major DAW in the market including StudioOne, ProTools, Ableton and Logic. Control over 70 Softube & Universal Audio UAD2 plug-ins. Get the classic SSL Crunch straight out of the box.