SPL Crimson 3 USB Audio Interface

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“The sound quality of the microphone and instrument preamp is perfect, clean and transparent. Every component of the unit operates at the highest quality stage.” – Recording Magazine


“There’s no doubt that Crimson 3 is a thoroughly capable and high-quality sounding audio interface, with some really nicely thought-through additions” – MusicRadar


“For a home project studio — whether for a single user application, or for someone wanting to record a few musicians simultaneously — the Crimson offers a very attractive and remarkably well‑priced solution, and is certainly worth serious consideration for anyone thinking of investing in a new interface.” – Sound On Sound


“In all honesty, the Crimson 3 is one of the most flawless audio interfaces we’ve seen in recent years… All in all, we’re seriously impressed by the power and functionality that the Crimson 3 provides. Not only has SPL outdone themselves once again with such an amazing product, but producers and musicians everywhere can also now bask in the new opportunities that this legendary piece of kit provides.” – Ask Audio


Powerful hub for your home studio

The SPL Crimson 3 is a USB audio interface designed to provide flexible connectivity, high-resolution audio, professional-grade recording and versatile analog monitoring for musicians, audio engineers, and producers in project studios, recording facilities, and mobile rigs. It supports resolutions up to 24-bit /192 kHz and can be used as a standalone device or with your DAW via USB. It is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS. With a total of 16 inputs, two discrete mic preamps, six recording and playback channels, and a monitor controller, proven analog circuitry, and high-quality AD/DA conversion, Crimson 3 is a powerful hub for your home studio.


Speaker-like headphone monitoring with Phonitor Matrix

Due to the fact that your left ear hears only the left channel, and your right ear, only the right channel of the program material, headphones give you an exaggerated stereo perspective. This is one of the reasons that mixes done on headphones never seem to “translate.” SPL has a fix for that. It’s called the Phonitor Matrix, and it’s basically a left-right cross-feed function that fills in the middle of your stereo headphone monitor output. The result sounds impressively natural, with a full stereo spread that sounds like you’re listening to your mix on speakers.

Artist Mode, with dedicated cue mix and Talkback Mic

The SPL Crimson 3’s Artist Mode provides you with a dedicated artist cue mix and a Talkback Mic so you no longer have to connect an external mic to communication with the artist (who will hear you on Phones 2 and Speakers B). Speakers A are dimmed automatically when you push the talkback button, making speech more audible and avoiding feedback.


Desktop form factor keeps you in the mix position

On top of exceptional sound quality, the Crimson 3’s desktop form factor lets you manage your monitoring system without leaving your mix position. The Crimson’s well-laid-out controls make precise adjustments easy, and the simple layout makes adjustments a breeze.



– Use as a standalone device or with your DAW
– Supports resolutions up to 24-bit / 192 kHz
– 16 inputs: two XLR mic inputs, two 1/4″ TS instrument inputs, six 1/4″ TRS line inputs, two RCA inputs, one stereo 3.5mm mini-jack, and a stereo S/PDIF digital RCA input
– XLR and 1/4″ TRS speaker outputs with speaker-switching function
– Two 1/4″ headphone outputs plus integrated Phonitor Matrix with adjustable Crossfeed intensity
– One-knob monitor mix for fast headphone mixes
– Built-in talkback microphone with adjustable gain
– LED indicators and signal meters
 – Selectable +48V phantom power
 – Selectable 80 Hz high-pass filters
 – Back-panel MIDI I/O
 – USB 2.0 connectivity
 – Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS

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